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Bybel Lees Rekord, Afrikaans Bybel Lees Hoofstuk Rekord

Bybel Lees Rekord, Afrikaans Bybel Lees Hoofstuk Rekord

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A no-frills Bible reading tracker to keep you motivated to read your Bible in Afrikaans! Keep a visual record of every chapter you read of all 66 books of the Old and New Testament.  Print it and keep it in your Bible, your diary or stick it on your prayer wall.  Keep track by coloring or ticking off the boxes as you read and grow closer to God with every Bible book and chapter you read and color! 

This is a digital file (design only) and not a physical product.  No physical items will be shipped, and the product is an instant download digital file. 


  • 39 books of the Old Testament spanning two pages, and 27 books of the New Testament on one page – 3 pages total.
  • All blocks can be colored or ticked off as you finish reading a chapter in the Bible – keeping you organized and motivated!
  • No frills – perfect for women, men and children.
  • Chronological order with the Books arranged in what category they fall – Law, History, Prophets, etc.
  • Alle Bybel name is in Afrikaans – geniet dit in jou taal!
  • 3 different sizes available for your needs.


  • Adults and children – readers of all ages that want to make Bible reading a fun activity.


You will receive the following 3 PDFs in a zip folder upon successful purchase:

  • 5 x 11-inch sized page
  • A4 sized page
  • A5 sized page


This product is also available in bundles with even more items to help you with your walk with God!



  • You will require Adobe Acrobat or similar PDF viewer to view the files.  All files are in PDF format.  You can download Adobe Acrobat - for free at the time of listing this – from your web browser.
  • You require an archive utility to unzip the folder – we recommend 7Zip or WinRAR. You can also check if your computer doesn’t have it installed already – newer computers/software usually have it loaded already.
  • Every effort has been made to accurately represent the true colors of these files, but please be aware that the resolution may vary depending on your screen or printer. Please understand this is beyond our control.
  • This file is not editable.


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  • Click the link to download the zip folder to your computer.
  • Once the zip folder has downloaded, extract all or needed only files from the zip folder.
  • Print the size you need, stick it where you want it, grab a nice cup of coffee or tea and your Bible, and enjoy time with the Lord!


  • This item is for private use only – you can reprint it for yourself as many times as you want.
  • You may not share, re-sell or re-distribute these files in part or in whole in any way or in any form.
  • You may not use these files in giveaways (freebies) in your store or on social media.
  • You cannot change the design and re-sell, re-distribute or give away these files in any way.
  • Mass production of these files is not allowed.
  • Presenting the product as your own artwork is prohibited.
  • This product is copyrighted – please refer others to our store to purchase their own copy.
  • Please note that all sales are final and no cancellations, exchanges, returns or refunds will be given due to the digital nature of this product.  Should you have any queries before or after purchase, please feel free to email us at

I am only human, and I do make mistakes (sometimes).  If you come across a mistake, PLEASE contact me ASAP in order for me to fix the issue.  I strive for great customer satisfaction and quality in everything I do!

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