Social Media Course

This April I'm offering an 8-week course focused on how we use social media. With a focus on, personal brand, business brand, what platform is best for sharing about what you do? Who do you want to reach, and are you reaching them?

 Through out the course, we will learn to focus on our message, sharing this message, and learning from our audience. 

The cost of this course is $375, with a requirement of homework once a week, 1:1 video chats iwth me, and exercises. 

To sign up:


YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN YOU : A writing series.

 This coming March I am launching a new online writing course based in the stories + experiences that have shaped us. 

 I'm so excited to dive in deep with people around the country, as we do writing exercises, respond to prompts, hold discussions that stretch us, all ending with a story we've written about how we've always been this person. This brilliant being that exists in this large, yet small world. 

 That story matters. 

If interested, please let me know through email: